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At Coco-Design, we design and we manufacture our parts.

Our ideas come to us on the bike.

Our skills enable us to make them.

We have spent 10 years developing parts for airplane engines.

Developing a product takes a long time. First of all, you have to discuss with people, understand the need, identify the expectations. Then we define targets and list the criteria.

Then, we seriously meet those criteria.
We start by making beautiful sketches : we draw lines, curves, getting inspired by the latest trends.
Here, we follow our passion of cycling.

At the same time, it is necessary to characterize the forces, design the part, we need to find the best fiber directions, and to use the good materials.
Here, we follow our skills and our experience.

After that we make prototypes. They are tested, evaluated, proven and modified multiple times.

… Yes, it takes time.